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William Richards as Herr Zeller

I’ve had the privilege of working with William Richards a couple of times in the past twelve months now, and have consistently been impressed with the level of thought and preparation he brings to his roles, particularly when it comes to language and the way that it’s used to convey the story. And although Will does take the work seriously, I’ve come to realise he definitely doesn’t take himself very seriously… at all.

Interviewing Will has its’ dangers, as the written word doesn’t always convey intent or sarcasm, but I think that I can dismiss Will’s claim to identify with the political inclinations of Herr Zeller, especially since he also describes Zeller as “…the only true baddie in The Sound of Music” – I doubt Zeller would see himself as the bad guy! As Will then says, “There’s something incredibly satisfying and enjoyable playing evil, it gives you a lot opportunities to bring in elements of creepiness, arrogance and capriciousness.”

Again, Will is a cast member who describes growing up with The Sound of Music, part of a diet fed to him by grandparents who included other movie musicals as a mandatory part of children’s visits. We’re grateful though, because it has meant that The Sound of Music has become a favourite of so many of us, and it becomes all the more thrilling to be able to perform in a show that you’ve loved all your life.

Will describes his disappointment at his audition when our producer, Emma, informed him that “due to an unfortunate circumstance of birth” he was not eligible for the role that he was particularly attached to, Liesl.

“I believe it was the anger I displayed on hearing that news that convinced Emma that I was perfect to play the Nazi Herr Zeller”.

Will gave me a lot more information to use in this interview, but I’m running out of time and space, so if you would like to know more about Will’s backstage routines, political inclinations and favourite musicals, why not grab him after a performance for a chat?

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