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William Fleming as Kurt

William Fleming is taking to the stage in what he says is his parents’ favourite movie, after recently performing in another stage version of a beloved film, Priscilla – Queen of the Desert, which happens to be Will’s favourite show! I can’t wait to hear what other musicals members of his family like – Will will surely be performing in them all!

Will thinks that Kurt is “cheeky and nice…like me!” and in the short time we’ve spent in rehearsal so far, I’d have to say that’s pretty accurate! The biggest challenge for him in bringing this script and his character to life is acting and trying to remember his lines (me too, Will!) but that he wanted to do the show having seen the film when he was very young, and because he thought it would be amazing to work with Emma Knights.

If he could play another character in the show, Will says he’d love to play the Captain. I reckon that’s a great thing to aim for – and you’d get to dance a full Laendler with Maria!

Grab your tickets to see William Fleming as Kurt HERE and read more about our production HERE!

Photo by Maryann Boettcher.

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