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Verity Colyer as Sister Margaretta

Verity Colyer has worked with Emma Knights Productions in “The Pirates of Penzance” and as a very memorable Gertie in “Oklahoma – on a Farm”! Verity loves working with Emma Knights Productions for the way nostalgia is mixed with an experiential twist!

She’s never seen the stage version of The Sound of Music, though she has been in it, and is another cast member who never got through the whole film as a child. Verity says she was always asleep before the wedding! A lover of vintage Christopher Plummer (me too, Verity, me too), her favourite song is Edelweiss: “It’s such a moving ode to the beauty of nature that sustains despite what humans are doing to a country”. I reckon the fact it was sung by one Mr Plummer’s Captain in the film might just be another tip in its’ favour.

I love what Verity is bringing to Sister Margaretta, the Mistress of the Postulants, and seeing her cheeky sense of humour and her impeccable comic timing shine through.

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