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Sandy Wandel as Baroness Elberfeld

Despite being a lifelong lover of “The Sound of Music” and an experienced actor and singer of some years (hey, you told me that “20 years ago, I would have loved to play Maria!”), Sandy Wandel has never been in a production of the show – just not been in the right place at the right time. 

“I honestly can’t remember a time not knowing or loving “The Sound of Music”, and visiting Nonnberg Abbey whilst in Salzburg last year was amazing!” There’s an experience we both share!

Sandy has enjoyed learning to dance the Laendler in this production, and has risen to the challenge of learning the Soprano 2 part – in Latin – admirably. (Admirabilis?) Like many of the cast along with her, Sandy believes that audiences will really love the setting of this production, and experiencing how the setting brings this story, and the hard work of the cast and crew, to life.

Grab your tickets to see Sandy Wandel HERE and read more about our production HERE

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