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Margaret Smith as Ursula

Margaret Smith has confessed to me her secret wish to dress in a habit and I’m not quite sure what to do with that information…!

Margaret is a very welcome addition to the cast after debuting on stage with Emma Knights Productions in Anne of Green Gables at Collingrove Homestead. Marg and her husband, David, Have been long time supporters of Emma Knights Productions, and I love that this support for Emma Knights has brought them out of the background and into the spotlight as artists in their own right!

Margaret says she doesn’t have much in common with the nuns, though. Not unlike our heroine, Maria, Margaret says that naturally, she is only quiet when she is asleep…! She is looking forward to the challenge of bringing this familiar story to life in a fresh interpretation, while still satisfying audience expectations. Like you, Margaret, I hope we’ve struck the balance between honouring the traditional while keeping it fresh, and quietly think we’re on our way to achieving it!

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