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Henny Walters as Liesl

It seems that there are pretty much two types of people when it comes to The Sound of Music. Those who have never seen it, and those who were raised on it. With only a few exceptions, this cast is made up of the latter.

Henny Walters can’t remember the first time she watched The Sound of Music, but it’s no surprise that she was watching it from a very early age. Her mother is such a fan that she modelled her wedding dress on Maria’s in the film, so it’s no surprise to me that she passed her love of the film onto Henny. Henny has always wanted to play Liesl, telling me that her favourite thing about her is that she’s innocent and naive, yet is quite maternal towards her siblings.

I’m lucky enough to have worked in a couple of shows with Henny already, but in shows where our characters’ paths never really crossed. It’s a joy to now be working opposite her, and getting the chance to build an on-stage relationship with such a skilled and poised young actor.

Henny was attracted to this production because she loves the idea of performing outdoors, especially in the beautiful setting that is the Monastery. Like a lot of us, the opportunity to bring something fresh to a favourite story is an experience we’d love to have.

Grab your tickets to see Henny Walters HERE and read more about our production HERE!

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