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Eloise Quinn-Valentine is Sister Sophia

Some of us in the cast of The Sound of Music are repeat offenders, having done the show before, sometimes even the same role! Eloise Quinn-Valentine is one such performer, having played Gretl Von Trapp at the age of six, and again at the age of sixteen (Eloise is a very talented actress). While Gretl will always hold a special place in her heart, Eloise has mentioned that Brigitta would be a fun role to take on – she’s often more grown-up than the grown-ups!

Though she first saw some of the film at the age of six, Eloise wasn’t allowed to watch past “So Long, Farewell”, which I’m sure caused some amazement when she was able to finally watch the whole story.

Playing Sister Sophia in this production, Eloise gets to graduate up from the children’s roles, and join a convent! As one of her all-time favourite shows, along with Violet: a musical (in which she performed to great acclaim in 2017) and Matilda the Musical, I’m sure that she will bring a wealth of experience and joy to this show.

Grab your tickets to see Eloise Quinn-Valentine HERE and read more about our production HERE!  

Photo by Maryann Boettcher.

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