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Brydie Faith Hall as New Postulant

It seems rather fitting to have Brydie Hall joining us in the role of the New Postulant (among others), as she takes another step towards her goal of a full-time performing arts career. While she has done some training and had experience in amateur theatre, this production adds an extra level of expectation and the chance to work with a number of accomplished performers. And, as she says “How could I pass up an opportunity to be in one of the world’s most iconic musicals!”

I’m also really excited that Brydie has nominated “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria” as her favourite song in the show! Brydie comments, “I find it funny how Maria is seen as a bit of a child to her sisters, and they seem to think they must watch out for her. It’s a fun song to listen to!” I know that it’s helped me work out who Maria is, from hearing what other characters think of her, and it’s lovely to know that this gem of a song doesn’t get overshadowed by some of the more ‘obvious’ choices!

Brydie first saw the film of The Sound of Music when she was around 6 or 7 at Out-of-School-Hours Care, and remembers sitting on a bean bag and loving the song “Do-Re-Mi’. I’m really excited to get to know Brydie better, not least because she’s smitten with the musical ‘Waitress’ at the moment, with which I might also have a slight obsession…

Grab your tickets to see Brydie Hall HERE and read more about our production HERE

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