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Andrew Turner is Captain Georg Von Trapp

Working with Emma Knights Productions over the last five-and-a-bit years has allowed me the great joy of mixing with a number of wonderful local performers whose paths might not have otherwise crossed with mine. Andrew Turner is one such performer, whom I have performed opposite in the children’s opera, Space Encounters, and been directed by and performed with in The Pirates of Penzance. Both these shows are quite broad and comedic in style, though, and I’ve loved being able to watch how Andy develops a more serious, nuanced character.  

Andy has a vague recollection of seeing the film of The Sound of Music when he was a boy, “It must have been a special screening because I wasn’t around in 1964!”, and again from time to time on television.

On the role of Captain Georg Von Trapp, Andy says “He is a complex character. He obviously has strong feelings but he doesn’t always show them. The challenge for me is to portray this in a subtle way but without being too subtle or the character will be boring.” It’s a challenge for all of us to be able to play ‘big’ for the setting that we’re in, yet keep the performances sincere, and it’s always helpful to be able to watch how other performers manage that balance.

It’s one of the reasons that Andy wanted to be a part of this production. “It’s a show I enjoy, I play an interesting and challenging character… The Captain has an interesting emotional journey throughout the show, and it’s fun to explore this”. Andy also loves doing theatre in new and creative spaces, and having been involved in just a couple of these, I can attest to that!

Of the songs in The Sound of Music, Andy cites his favourite as Climb Ev’ry Mountain. “The words are inspirational and the music soars”. I couldn’t agree more, and having recently heard the ensemble sing the reprise of that song in the finale of the show, I am so excited for the audience to hear it!

It’s been a lovely experience to get to work with Andy in a different and more challenging way than I have in the past. I’m very grateful to have had an open and professional partner in this show, and hope that this translates in performance.

Grab your tickets to see Andrew Turner HERE and read more about our production HERE!  

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